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Neha Bhatia is a Ph.D. candidate in Transcultural Studies at the University of Calgary. She specializes in India's independent film culture and its transnational developments beyond Bollywood. Her research received funding support through Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship. 

She received higher education and work experience in various parts of the world including, India, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Canada. Her multicultural and multilingual competencies enable her to become a global citizen and scholar at large.  

Besides research and teaching, she has also worked as a production intern in the Calgary film and media industry. Additionally, she leads and collaborates on projects related to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in higher education. 


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Her research and teaching interests are interdisciplinary including

transnational cinema, film festival studies, film and media industries and production cultures studies, Indian independent cinema and South Asia.

A wider spectrum of her research interests includes:

postcolonial studies, feminism, media labour, cultural policy studies, anthropology, ethnography, literary theory and film theory.

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Do you have ideas about collaborations or questions about my latest projects? Feel free to reach out! I am happy to talk to you!.

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