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I am a Ph.D. candidate in Transcultural Studies at the University of Calgary. Through my dissertation, I examine the transnational turn in India’s independent film production culture over the past decade. ​​​​I particularly analyze the larger institutional processes and production practices of Indian creative producers that are transforming India’s independent film culture and making it more transnational.

I also worked as a producer to amplify the voices of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour through film and tv projects in Alberta.


My research interests are interdisciplinary:

film festival studies, transnational cinema, American and Indian indie cinema, media industries and production studies.

A wider spectrum of my research interests includes:

postcolonial studies, feminism, media labor, cultural policy studies, anthropology, ethnography literary theory and film theory.

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Through Her Eyes

Through Her Eyes is about navigating the healthcare system as a woman of colour in Canada. The video project will bring together the academic community, healthcare providers and women of colour patients and their families for informed conversations and discussions about race in a safe and compassionate space.
This project is made possible by the funding support of Telus Storyhive.
More updates coming. #stayconnected #watchlocal

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Image by Clay Banks

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