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 The strength of the course is the way my instructor gets everyone involved.

Teaching Philosophy

The Three C's of Teaching: Connection, Clarity and Choices

I encourage an open, inclusive and brave space to think critically and share challenging ideas inside and outside the classrooms.


Being Present In The Moment

The importance of student-teacher connection cannot be emphasized more in the online teaching world. I employ creative strategies to second-language learning such as mindful warm-ups to connect with my students.


Why Are We Doing What We Are Doing?

I begin each class with a clear agenda, and make sure that the students are aware of my evaluation strategies. This clarity and transparency also help create solid trust and connection.


Make Your Students Feel Heard

I am constantly aware that there exists an asymmetrical power relationship between students and teachers. Therefore, I make sure that my students feel heard and not pressured in my class. Among several other strategies, offering choices in-class assignments has proved to be effective in learner-based teaching practices.

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