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Educational Background

Ph.D. Transcultural Studies with specialization in Transnational Media Industry Studies, University of Calgary, Canada

Expected defence (August 2023)

  • Dissertation title: “Transnational Film Production Culture: The Making of India’s Independent Cinema”

  • Brief description: Using a case study approach, the dissertation examines India’s transnational production culture for independent cinema since 2007.

  • Supervisor: Dr. Charles Tepperman 

  • Awarded the 2021 Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship ($ 15, 000)

Erasmus Mundus M.A. Crossways in Cultural Narratives, Université de
Perpignan, France; University of Sheffield, UK; Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Spain

2015 - 2017

  • Dissertation Title: “Precarious Pleasures: Exploring Adolescent Sexuality in Contemporary European Cinema”

  • Supervisors: Dr. Jocelyn Dupont and Dr. Laura Lojo

  • Received 2015 Erasmus Mundus Scholarship (€ 30,000)

M.Phil. French and Francophone Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India


M.A. French and Francophone Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

2010 - 2012

B.A. English Literature University of Delhi, India

2007 – 2010

CV: Education

Teaching Experience

University of Calgary

I designed and sole-taught all French-language courses listed here.

Winter, 2021

Sessional Instructor

Beginners French II

Winter, 2018

Sessional Instructor

Beginners French I

Fall, 2020

Graduate Assistant

The Holocaust on Film

Fall and Winter 2020, Spring, 2021

Graduate Assistant

Japanese Manga and Anime

Fall and Winter 2019

Research Assistant

Québec Cinema

CV: Experience

Published Articles 

Bhatia, Neha. "The Transnational Tales of an Indian Creative Producer." Transnational Screens 13, no. 3 (August 2022): 234-248.

Peltekov, Peter, Neha Bhatia, Berenice Cancino, Samantha Carron, Marie Daigle, et al. “Practice-relevant research in the Canadian L2 classroom: A summary.” Notos, Vol. 14 (2018), 15-36.

Bhatia, Neha. “Politics and Poetics of Culture in Ousmane Sembene’s Moolaadé (2004)." International Refereed Journal of Literary Explorations, Vol. 2 (2014), 474-478.


Articles under peer-review

"Transnational Practices, Precarity and Politics: Case Study of Indian Film Bazaar," New Review of Film and Television Studies, 2023 (Revise and Resubmit)

Bhatia, Neha. “Creativity, Passion and Community: Emotional Labor of an Indian Creative Producer.” NECSUS. (Invited for article development for Autumn 2023 issue after peer-review of the abstract).


Articles in Preparation

“Perspectives of a Film Programmer: Case of DCunha at Indian Film Bazaar.” (Follow-up Interview with DCunha in Summer 2023)

“Contours of Hindi-language Cinema: Continuity and Change.” (Work in Progress) 


Book Manuscript in Preparation

Inside India’s Alternative Film Distribution World: Transnational Perspectives, MIT Press (Proposal Writing Stage)


Conference Presentations

April 2023

“Transnational Tales of an Indian Creative Producer”, Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS), Denver, United States.

March 2022

Co-chair and Presenter, "Repositioning The National Within Transnational Film Culture", Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Chicago, United States.

March 2022

"The Indian-European Independent Film Co-production Model", Transcultural Production Studies Digital Seminar, Université d'Angers, France.

June 2021

“The Indian Creative Producer”, World Cinema International Conference Cinema of India (Topic of Edition), University Complutense of Madrid, Spain.

April 2021

Co-organizer and Presenter, “Production Stories: A Case Study of The Lunchbox (2013)”, Graduate Forum, Languages, Literatures and Cultures, University of Calgary.

March 2021

Invited Presenter, “Online Teaching Strategies”, Pedagogy Workshop, Languages, Literatures and Cultures, University of Calgary.

February 2021

“New Independent Film Production Culture in India”, Peer Beyond Graduate Research Symposium, University of Calgary.

April 2020

Co-organizer and Presenter, “New Indian Cinema”, Graduate Forum, Languages, Literatures and Cultures, University of Calgary (Postponed due to Covid-19).

January 2018

“Girlhood and Sexuality in Contemporary French and Indian Cinema”, Work in Progress (WiP)  Talks, Language Research Centre, Faculty of Arts, University of Calgary.

June 2018

“Pursuit of Lack” in Maja Milo’s film Klip (2013) 34th  International Conference on Psychology and Arts, Sicily, Italy.

June 2017

“Plurality and Corporeality in F. Ozon’s Young and Beautiful (2013)”, 33rd. International Conference on Psychology and arts, Reims, France.

June 2013

“Le Discours Orientaliste dans La Nuit Bengali (1933) de Mircea Eliade et It Does Not Die (1976) de Maitreyi Devi”, 7th International Conference of Association of Indian Teachers of French, Chennai, India.

August 2013

“Politics and Poetics of Culture” in Ousmane Sembene’s Moolaadé (2004), UGC Sponsored National Seminar, Kerala, India.


Talks Organized

April 6, 2021

 “Making Media (2019)”, Dr. Mark Deuze (Professor, University of Amsterdam), School of Languages, Literatures, Linguistics and Cultures, University of Calgary.

April 22, 2021

“The Affective Paradigm and the Reading of Late Capitalism”, Dr. Mabel Moraña (Professor, Washington University St. Louis), School of Languages, Literatures, Linguistics and Cultures, University of Calgary.


Scholarships and Awards (Selected List)

Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship (International)­­


Faculty of Graduate Studies

Best Graduate Academic Paper Award


Psyart Foundation

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship MA Crossways in Cultural Narratives 


Consortium of European Universities

CV: Recognitions

Academic Service

University of Calgary

September 2022

Founder and Co-organizer

Graduate Writing Retreat, Language Research Centre and Calgary Institute of Humanities

September-December 2022

Graduate Student Mentor

International Student Services and Languages, Literatures and Cultures Program

September-November, 2021

Panel Co-Organizer and Co-Chair

"Global Contested Assemblages," Society for Cinema and Media Studies


Graduate Student Representative (Elected Position)

Language Research Centre

Winter, 2020 and 2021

Co-organizer and Moderator

Graduate Forum, Languages, Literatures and Cultures (Graduate Forum 2020 was postponed due to Covid-19)

January 2019 - 2020

Co-editor and Peer-reviewer

Inter-lingua Journal, School of Languages, Literatures, Linguistics & Cultures

Fall, 2019


“Transcultural Dialogues in World Cinema Series”



Vox Condiscipulum, Graduate Student Organization

CV: Volunteer Work

Community Service

September 2022-March 2023

Co-organizer and Moderator

“Intersectionality Symposium”, Graduate Student Association,

July 2022-Present

Vice Chair Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Graduate Student Association, University of Calgary

June-August 2021

Project Lead and Creative Producer

Through her eyes: Navigating Healthcare as a woman of colour, Alberta and BC


Founder and Co-Organizer

“Narratives of Color”, Language Research Centre and Calgary Institute of Humanities, University of Calgary

January-June 2020


Women’s Resource Centre, University of Calgary

March 1-3, 2020

Student Assistant

"Women at Work" Conference, Career Services and Women's Resources Centre, University of Calgary

September-December 2019

Volunteer Participant

‘Cultivating Compassion Training’ at Faith and Spirituality Centre, University of Calgary

CV: Volunteer Work

Professional Memberships

European Network for Cinema and Media Studies

Society for Cinema and Media Studies

Film Studies Association of Canada

Film Festival Research Network

CV: List

Languages Known

English (read, write, speak)

Advanced Level

French (read, write, speak)

Advanced level




Currently learning

Thank you for viewing my CV. I look forward to hearing from you.

CV: List
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